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TradeUp ISAs Are A Better Alternative To Student Loans!

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When you finance your tuition with a TradeUp Income Share Agreement (ISA) instead of a loan, you take the risk out of starting a new career, or skilling up in a career you already love.

How Do Income Share Agreements (ISAs) Work?

It's pretty simple: unlike a loan, where you make fixed payments no matter what, ISA payments are based on a percentage of your salary. ISA payments go up and down as you make more or less money, and if you fall below the salary floor of $25,000 a year, your payments drop to $0 until you start making more again.

The Best Part?

You don’t pay a cent until you land a job!

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5 Reasons To Choose An ISA Over A Loan

No accruing interest! Interest won’t pile up while you finish school, or are between jobs.

ISAs are not solely based on credit. That means you can get approved even if you have little or no credit.

ISAs do not require a co-signer! No co-signer, no problem.

Payments scale with your salary. If your salary drops below $25,000, then your payments drop to zero until you start making more.

You don’t need to make payments while you’re in school.

Here's what your ISA might look like

In Funding

This is the amount that we'll send directly to your school to pay for your tuition. Sometimes schools also require a non-refundable deposit.

60 Monthly

Unlike loans, ISAs expire. Once you make 60 payments on your ISA, you’re done! It doesn't matter how much you’ve actually paid back.

Income Share

An income share of 6.0% means that, for those 60 monthly payments, you’ll pay 6.0% of your pre-tax income.

2 months
Grace Period

Unlike loans, ISAs don't require you to pay while you're in school. A grace period of 1 month means that your payments will not start until 2 monthsafter you leave school!

$8,700 Max
Payback Cap

No matter how much you earn, you’ll never pay TradeUp over $8,700. If you're very successful, we want to protect you from overpaying!

Salary Floor

If you are making under $25,000 a year, your payments are deferred until you start making more again. Deferment has no fees, and no penalty!

ISAs Have 3 Flexible Ways They End. Loans Don’t.

How An ISA Ends

You make the set number of payments


You pay back the ISA maximum cap


Your ISA expires after a set amount of time

How A Loan Ends

You pay off the entire balance, including fees and interest, no matter how long it takes you

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Applying doesn’t affect your credit

No cosigner required

Quick and easy application

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